Welcome to our Dashboard

This is 2018, and I wonder: How would you like your data of 2017? From January 2017 on? Or with 2016, to have more numbers to compare with? Why not from 2015 on? And which countries of origin are people most interested in?

You know best, so you should decide. You should be able to explore, to click your way through the data – every insight leads to new questions. So let’s do this!

Welcome to our interactive dashboard!

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Come in, have a look, there’s a lot to see. The dashboard shows asylum applications and decisions in Germany per month and per country of origin. The data comes from the ministry for refugees and migration (BAMF).

(Don’t look at this on the cell phone, though, this doesn’t work, sorry.)

How do you get the dashboards to show the numbers for the country of origin that you are interested in? Either just try, or have a look at this video:


This is an explanation on how to go back to the original data:

The German version of this web page is here.

Thanks for your questions. Here are some answers:

  • Dates: Sometimes the labels in the histogram show the preceding instead of the actual month. When you look at the Year_Month field in the raw data, it will show the first of the month that this numbers are referring to.
  • To print a histogram you’ll have to revert to screenshots presently.
  • To get raw data out, use the method shown in the „raw data“ video: Mouse over a visualization, and you’ll see a little arrow down left. This will bring the data to the foreground, including two „export“ links.
  • If you get lost in Kibana and cannot find the dashboard: In the left menu, go to „Dashboards“, then „BAMF Entscheidungen und Anträge“.