Refugee Datathon 6: Results

In our Refugee Datathon 6 on the 14th July 2018 we worked on these topics:

  • OECD data before 2016 (
  • CIA world factook scraper (
  • BAMF data automation of the monthly extraction / make it platform independent with docker (
  • Extracting tables in Kleine Anfragen – here the legal knowledge is the hard part, but we can already do what Sueddeutsche Zeitung does when they say: „Von den Gerichten wurde etwa jeder dritte ablehnende Bescheid, über den im ersten Quartal inhaltlich entschieden wurde, zugunsten der Flüchtlinge korrigiert. Afghanen hatten sogar in fast 60 Prozent dieser Fälle Erfolg. Das geht aus der Antwort des Bundesinnenministeriums auf eine Anfrage der Linksfraktion hervor, die der Süddeutschen Zeitung vorliegt.“
  • We started working on Eurostat. The national perspective only gets us so far in these times. What helps is a more international analysis, and seeing things from a country of origin, e.g. Afghanistan
  • We started working on a Website reorganization – some technical, like finding a way to embed graphs and cleaning up. But also about the content: A lot of very valuable work has already been done, e.g. by the UNHCR, and we don’t have to do it again – but we can link to it. And about visualizations – there is amazing stuff out there.

Those nerds are great. We again got new insights. We also started a bunch of projects, but this doesn’t worry me because we will continue working on it, privately and in the next datathon some time in October.